Handmade Shoes

The concept of handmade may seem to have been born just from the exceptional skill of an artisan. However, this is not entirely true. It is within these people that the feelings of fulfilment in true expertise emanate; in the care and heed of materials, in the discovery of new handmade processes that imply differentiation between products and consequently in the admiration for the final result of an excellent product.

Here are some of the motivations that move our team of people who work on the development of Mister Shoes in Spain.

In the case of items such as ours that seek the development of unique aesthetic concepts, the use of specific raw materials is especially conditioned. Getting certain finishing on the leathers and working on particular textures require very specific and experienced processing in our sneakers, boots and shoes.

In this sense it has been key for us to keep in our staff practically the same group of people for more than 50 years. Because apart from staying faithful to our project and our product, their contribution of the know-how and expertise has allowed us to obtain the best results from these materials both aesthetically and in durability.