The essence of Mister Shoes is defined by its own personality and it is our senses that can best tell us about the latter.

Since our company was established in 1969, in Mister Shoes have devoted all our material and human resources to developing products that aim not to leave the consumer indifferent. Our artistic designers aim to please the taste of people who avoid the mainstream and who are inspired by rich aesthetic codes in terms of expression and diversity.

The colour of our products avoids any gender conditioning. Their finishing reproduces different ways of expression and the use of many textures transports us to very different periods and cultures within the history of fashion and design.

Comfort and durability – core requirements of any luxury item – are built into the very foundation of our product. One begins to understand its excellence through observation and the sensitivity provided by the contact with it. It is then when the mutual understanding between Mister Shoes and his customer starts.