Innovation and personality

From the very beginning of our activity in 1969, there exists a set of characteristics that have provided mister with its own personality.

Excellence and quality have been the first and constant premise along time. We have worked hard day by day in order to maintain our supreme quality standards, that make the consumer perceive our shoes as luxury goods.

The proper selection and classification of the leathers we use have been key to maintain the above mentioned quality. In order to get it, skilled experts in the field were essential. They have been trained and have grown in our company, therefore they know perfectly the best qualities of every leather.



Products manufactured entirely at our facilities in Almansa, a town located in the southeastern of Spain with a large shoemaking tradition that began at mid-nineteenth century.


We offer footwear that can be considered as a luxury product, in which we use the highest quality existing raw materials in the market, such as french calf, spanish sheep, etc.


For the perfect manufacturing of all our collections, we have skilled workers, who have been part of the staff of our company almost since its foundation.